Steve’s Platform

Members vote for a candidate for ASPA Vice President, who takes office at the Society’s  National Conference in Seattle in March of 2016. The Vice President becomes the Society’s President-elect the following year (2017), and assumes the Presidency of ASPA in the spring of 2018. The President’s term concludes in the Spring of 2019 at the National Conference.

If I am elected next month, I advocate – and will work to achieve — the following:

  • Reform the Society’s governance to make it more responsive to the membership and organizational challenges. I propose the creation of a National Council Chair/Deputy President position which would assist the President to enable him/her to focus more on advocacy and the annual conference.
  • Develop creative strategies to grow ASPA as a membership-based organization
  • Appoint a Presidential task force to design services and programs to make ASPA more relevant to students and new professionals.
  • Re-energize struggling chapters with a targeted development plan.
  • Create a new section for retirees who could serve as mentors for new professionals and student members, and help advocate for ASPA and the public service.
  • Make the national conference more dynamic in scope and utilize 21st century technologies to reach a wider audience.
  • Ensure that ASPA remains financially strong, so that it can fully achieve its mission.

The hallmark of my administration will be inclusion, social equity, performance and excellence.

Whoever is elected next month will be President of ASPA in 2019, when we will celebrate the 80th anniversary of our organization’s founding.

It is my hope that, if I am elected, ASPA will be in a better place then, and impart a lasting legacy for future generations of public servants.

Democracy rocks!