Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I am pleased to tell you that I am a candidate for National Vice President of the American Society for Public Administration.

The election will be held from November 2 – 30, 2015.

I  want to thank the over 200 members from around the country and abroad who submitted recommendations and signed petitions for me, as well as the  leadership of the New York Metropolitan Chapter  for endorsing my candidacy.

My campaign is a dialogue about the future direction of our national organization; specifically, how ASPA can more forcefully advocate for the public service, provide more services to our members, and meet the challenges of the new digital age.

While there are two other candidates, I believe that I am the only candidate in this race with the experience, perspective and energy to turn ASPA around.

I am no stranger to ASPA. I joined ASPA when I was a graduate student at New York University.

I have held executive appointments in the administrations of Governors Andrew Cuomo and David Paterson as well as Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I am currently serving my 4th term on the ASPA National Council; have been President of the New York Metropolitan Chapter twice; chaired the very successful 2001 National ASPA Conference in Newark, NJ, as well as run committees dealing with chapter and section affairs and  professional development.

I have also represented ASPA at meetings of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC). My career spans government, higher education and the non-profit sector, both as a practitioner and academic  –  and more importantly, as someone who knows how to get things done.  

ASPA’s membership now stands at 6450, the lowest since 1965. It was nearly 20,000 in the 1980s. We need leadership who will take positive action to reverse these alarming trends, and make this organization more relevant to students, new professionals and others.   

Please vote for my independent, reform candidacy for Vice President.  ASPA, yourself —  and the future of the public service – will benefit.

Thank you.            

Steve  Rolandi


Meet Steve Rolandi

A native of Brooklyn, NY – “America’s 4th largest City”, Steve served as Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Administration from 2008-13 for the New York State Division of Human Rights, the oldest civil rights agency in the USA.  

He also served with the City of New York, CUNY, AFS Intercultural Programs, and New-York Historical Society. He holds BA and MPA degrees from New York University, and studied law at Brooklyn Law School.
Currently a Lecturer of Public Administration, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York (CUNY), Stephen Rolandi’s career spans government, higher education and the independent sectors.

Steve  joined ASPA when he was in graduate school and is a long-standing member.  He served twice as President of the New York Metropolitan Chapter, and is now in his 4th term on the ASPA National Council.

Steve chaired the highly successful 2001 National ASPA Conference, held in Newark, NJ and the 1999 Northeast Regional Conference in New York City. He has been a delegate to numerous ASPA regional and national conferences.

He has represented ASPA at several international conferences and meetings in Canada. Steve currently serves on the planning committee for this fall’s NeCOPA Regional Conference in Arlington, VA.

He is active in his community, having been involved in numerous civic and voluntary associations, including the NYU Alumni Association, League of Women Voters, American Planning Association,  and the Larchmont Historical Society. He currently serves as LHS Treasurer and Co-Finance Chair of his residential cooperative in Larchmont, NY.

We Support Steve!

“Steve’s opinions and recommendations (in his ASPA activities) were thoughtful and showed the potential for leadership….Steve has served the organization and profession well….I believe Steve brings unique skills that will be very effective in a re-starting of the engines of ASPA.”
Hon. Kathryn E. Hensley
Former National Council Representative,  District 3 (South Carolina)

“ASPA has suffered a tremendous decline in membership…many people do not feel that ASPA is relevant to them…I strongly feel that Steve would be the best person to address these issues and try to turn this situation around….”
William Ciaccio
Senior National Council Representative, District 1 (New York)
Former President, New York Metropolitan Chapter

“Steve was a highly effective Deputy Commissioner with the New York State Division of Human Rights, and regarded as the “go to” person for fiscal and administrative matters. It was a pleasure to have worked with him especially with his wealth of knowledge and experience he brought to the table, I learned a lot from him.”
Hon. Edward A. Watkins (retired)
Former Deputy Commissioner for Federal Program
NYS Division of Human Rights

“As you can see from his record, he is someone to whom his colleagues have turned to with their trust in their respective organizations. He’s a hands-on manager – he gets things done.”
Hon. Brian G. Andersson
Former Commissioner
NYC Department of Records and Information Services

Steve’s candidacy has been endorsed by ASPA’s New York Metropolitan Chapter board. His supporters include several past National Presidents of ASPA, including Cheryle Broom, F. Daniel Ahern, Thomas Lynch and Anne Swafford, and many ASPA leaders at the chapter, section and regional levels.


Steve’s Platform

Members vote for a candidate for ASPA Vice President, who takes office at the Society’s  National Conference in Seattle in March of 2016. The Vice President becomes the Society’s President-elect the following year (2017), and assumes the Presidency of ASPA in the spring of 2018. The President’s term concludes in the Spring of 2019 at the National Conference.

If I am elected next month, I advocate – and will work to achieve — the following:

  • Reform the Society’s governance to make it more responsive to the membership and organizational challenges. I propose the creation of a National Council Chair/Deputy President position which would assist the President to enable him/her to focus more on advocacy and the annual conference.
  • Develop creative strategies to grow ASPA as a membership-based organization
  • Appoint a Presidential task force to design services and programs to make ASPA more relevant to students and new professionals.
  • Re-energize struggling chapters with a targeted development plan.
  • Create a new section for retirees who could serve as mentors for new professionals and student members, and help advocate for ASPA and the public service.
  • Make the national conference more dynamic in scope and utilize 21st century technologies to reach a wider audience.
  • Ensure that ASPA remains financially strong, so that it can fully achieve its mission.

The hallmark of my administration will be inclusion, social equity, performance and excellence.

Whoever is elected next month will be President of ASPA in 2019, when we will celebrate the 80th anniversary of our organization’s founding.

It is my hope that, if I am elected, ASPA will be in a better place then, and impart a lasting legacy for future generations of public servants.

Democracy rocks!